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E-3.1-01, General Servicing Requirements Related to Foreclosure Proceedings (11/12/2014)

This chapter provides Fannie Mae’s requirements and policies for conducting foreclosure proceedings for Fannie Mae mortgage loans.

Fannie Mae sets out those instances when its requirements vary for any particular

  • lien type,

  • amortization method,

  • remittance type,

  • servicing option,

  • mortgage loan type, or

  • ownership interest.

Absent any restrictive language, the same policy or requirement applies for all mortgage loans Fannie Mae has purchased or securitized as standard transactions.

Occasionally, Fannie Mae may address the need for a special servicing option MBS mortgage loan to be handled in a different manner than other mortgage loans serviced for Fannie Mae. Under no circumstances should the servicer of a regular servicing option MBS mortgage loan interpret the content of this chapter as relieving it of its responsibilities and obligations for conducting the foreclosure proceedings and disposing of the acquired property, including the absorption of all costs and any related losses.

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