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Summary of Contents

Doing Business with Fannie Mae

Part A describes the processes and procedures required when doing business with Fannie Mae. It includes the following subparts: Contractual Obligations, Getting Started with Fannie Mae, Maintaining Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer Status, Setting Up Servicer Operations.

Escrow, Taxes, Assessments, and Insurance

Part B describes how to administer an escrow account to manage taxes, assessments, and insurance requirements.

Mortgage Loan Payment Processing, Remitting, Accounting, and Reporting

Part C contains information on mortgage loan payment processing, remitting, accounting and reporting.

Providing Solutions to a Borrower

Part D contains information on providing solutions to borrowers. It includes the following subparts: Assisting the Borrower with Property-Related Issues and Legal Actions, Assisting a Borrower Who is Facing Default or in Default.

Default-Related Legal Services, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Proceedings, and Acquired Properties

Part E describes default-related legal services, bankruptcy, foreclosure proceedings, and acquired properties.

Servicing Guide Procedures, Exhibits, and Quick Reference Materials

Part F contains reference materials to support this Servicing Guide.