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C-4.1-01, Notifying Credit Repositories (07/15/2020)

The following table outlines the servicer’s responsibilities related to credit bureau reporting for mortgage loans that Fannie Mae holds in its portfolio or in an MBS.

The servicer must...

Provide the status of each mortgage loan to each of the four major credit repositories as of the last day of each month.

Statuses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • new originations;

  • current mortgage loans;

  • delinquent mortgage loans, including 30–, 60–, 90+ day delinquencies, forbearances, repayment plans, Trial Period Plans, modifications; and

  • liquidated mortgage loans, including short sales, Mortgage Releases, foreclosures, law enforcement property seizures and forfeitures under applicable state or federal law, and charge offs.


Verify the appropriate reporting instructions with each of the four major credit repositories.

  Comply with all applicable laws when reporting to the four major credit repositories.

The servicer must follow all procedures in Reporting to Credit Repositories in F-1-23, Reporting to Third PartiesF-1-23, Reporting to Third Parties.

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