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A4-2.1-04, Establishing Contact with the Borrower (12/16/2015)

This topic contains the following:

Call Center Coverage Requirements

The following table provides the requirements for call center operations.

Call Center Coverage Requirements

The average speed to answer an inbound call must be 60 seconds or less.


The monthly Call Blockage Rate must be less than or equal to 1%.


The Call Abandonment Rate must be less than or equal to 5%.


For live chats (that is, electronic question and answer sessions), responses must be initiated in less than or equal to 5 minutes from a chat inquiry.


On average, emails from borrowers must be responded to within 48 hours of receipt.


The foreclosure prevention department staff must be available during inbound and outbound collection activity unless collections staff are also well-versed in workout options.

Requirements for Borrower Contact Attempts

The servicer must attempt to achieve QRPC to resolve the mortgage loan delinquency. All contact attempts must be documented in the mortgage loan servicing file.

The following table provides the servicer’s responsibilities in its attempts to contact a borrower.

The servicer must…

Utilize the minimum number of attempts discussed in this Guide to contact the borrower during the various stages of delinquency.


Document all contact attempts in the mortgage loan servicing file and provide evidence to Fannie Mae that it satisfied the QRPC standard upon request.


Vary the days of the week and times of the day of calls to an individual borrower to achieve adequate outreach, and include some evening and weekend calls.

Note: If the day a servicer is required to conduct contact attempts is a day the servicer is not open, contact attempts must be conducted the next day the servicer is open.

The servicer is authorized to use various outreach methods to contact the borrower as permitted by applicable law, including but not limited to:

  • mail,

  • email,

  • texting, and

  • voice response unit technology.

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