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F-4-02: List of Contacts (07/12/2023)


This topic contains contact information for Fannie Mae and other resources referenced in this Guide.

Fannie Mae Contacts

The following table provides contact information for Fannie Mae and other resources for policies and requirements referenced in this Guide.

Name Purpose Contact Information

Payments Team

For inquires on submission of bank instructions in the CRS


Single-Family CPM Operations

To report property acquisition to Fannie Mae


Custodial Accounting Team

For submission of Form 1013 and Form 1014


Custodian Oversight and Monitoring Operations

For executed Master Custodial Agreements (Form 2017); submission of Form 2001; notification to Fannie Mae for document custodian ratings, non-compliance with eligibility or operational requirements, non-servicing transfer related file transfers, or any other document custodian related inquiries.


Exceptions Transaction Management Unit

To notify Fannie Mae of military indulgence or submit Form 1022

Fannie Mae Address for Instruments of Record For instruments of record relating to a single-family property that require the use of an address for Fannie Mae, including assignments of mortgages, foreclosure deeds, REO deeds, and lien releases. Fannie Mae

5600 Granite Parkway VII

Plano, TX 75024

Fannie Mae Washington, DC office

To indicate Fannie Mae ownership / trustee of a mortgage loan

Midtown Center

1100 15th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20005

Tel: (800) 2FANNIE (232–6643)

HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage To submit HomeStyle Renovation recourse removal requests, extension requests, documents, and notifications of decreases in “as completed” property value due to changes in scope of renovations Loan Quality Connect website

Housing Counseling Services 

Provides counseling services for borrowers that have experienced a disaster event or financial hardship (855) HERE2HELP (437-3243) or Fannie Mae's consumer website

Investor Reporting Representative

To discuss specifics related to P&I, remitting, account, reporting, and ARM adjustment error corrections

New servicers not yet assigned an Investor Reporting Representative must call (800) 2FANNIE (232–6643)

Loan Quality Center (LQC) Digital Data Control Team For inquiries related to Selling and/or Servicing Representations and Warranties


For inquiries related to loan file and/or document submissions


For inquiries related to lender request contact updates







Loss Statement Team

To obtain loss statements from Fannie Mae


SF CPM Division

To notify Fannie Mae when funds are received for the unsecured portion of the debt for a confirmed bankruptcy cramdown


To obtain training on the submission process for the appropriate approval for excess attorney fees or excess foreclosure title or foreclosure sale publication costs


For questions regarding Request for Approval of Servicing or Subservicing Transfer (Form 629).


To request information related to a HomeSaver Advance note


Form submission of the Elimination/Rescission Request Template


To discuss partial releases with Fannie Mae; for submission of Form 236; for submission of requests for substitution of property securing a mortgage loan; to forward requests to waive certain rights under the mortgage loan to Fannie Mae; for mortgage loan debt that will not be fully satisfied in connection with a property seizure.


For all valuation requests related to short sales, Mortgage Releases, and bidding instructions


For valuation questions and escalations related to borrower-requested MI terminations mi_terminations_escalations@fanniemae.com

To request a Deficiency Waiver Template and subsequent approval of a waiver from Fannie Mae


For questions regarding the preservation or waiver of deficiency claims


For the following document submissions:

  • Quitclaim deeds for properties conveyed in error

  • Assignments of mortgage

  • Substitution of trustees

  • Conveyances or reconveyances of acquired properties

  • Loan modifications

  • Satisfactions/Discharges of paid off mortgage loans

  • Servicer LPOA requests to execute documents on Fannie Mae’s behalf

  • All other documents

Fannie Mae

Attn: SF CPM, Documents

5600 Granite Parkway VII

Plano, TX 75024



For questions regarding Servicer Selection Form (Form 200)

servicer_selection_form@ fanniemae.com

For submission of the Forbearance Exception Request Template

or repayment plan extension requests


Note: The servicer must include “Forbearance” or “Repayment Plan” in the subject line.

For submission of the Bankruptcy Notification Template


To request reimbursement for expenses in accordance with F-1-05, Expense Reimbursement Property 360 website
For inquiries regarding property preservation and Form 1095 property_preservation@fanniemae.com

For inquiries regarding the cancellation of property insurance


For submission of Form 176


To correct an erroneous REOgram confirmation


For electronic submission of Form 183


For submission of RD guarantee claim payment advice letters


To request Fannie Mae approval for agreement revisions related to RD mortgage loans fnma_usda_claims@fanniemae.com

For submission of FHA, Section 184, and VA guaranty claim payment advice letters


To request Fannie Mae approval for agreement revisions related to FHA, VA or HUD mortgage loans fnma_claims@fanniemae.com

For questions regarding a property that was reconveyed from an insurer or guarantor


For questions regarding payment of HOA or condo association fees and assessments post foreclosure sale


For questions regarding payment of taxes post foreclosure sale


  For questions regarding payment of co-op corporation fees or assessments post foreclosure sale reo_coop@fanniemae.com
For review of the transferee's credit and financial capacity for a modified mortgage loan loss_mitigation@fanniemae.com
For access to DU for review of the transferee's credit and financial capacity The Single-Family Servicing Servicer Support Center at (800) 2FANNIE (232-6643)
  To obtain Fannie Mae's prior approval for any suspension of a foreclosure action beyond 60 days to facilitate the processing of assistance from a mortgage assistance fund program provider loss_mitigation@fanniemae.com
  To obtain Fannie Mae's assistance with appropriately completing a mortgage loan modification when the mortgage is fully reinstated as a result of the application of the mortgage assistance funds during an active Trial Period Plan. loss_mitigation@fanniemae.com

Regional Offices

For situations not covered in the Servicing Guide or when instructed in the Servicing Guide to contact the regional office

One South Wacker Drive, Suite 1400

Chicago, IL 60606–4667


1700 Market Street, Suite 3100

Philadelphia, PA 19103


1075 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1600

Atlanta, GA 30309


5600 Granite Parkway VII

Plano, TX 75024


707 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90017

(800) 2FANNIE (232–6643)

Servicing Representative

For questions or to report information as outlined in this Servicing Guide

Contact your Customer Account Team or the Single-Family Servicing Servicer Support Center.

The Single-Family Servicing Servicer Support Center may be reached at (800) 2FANNIE (232–6643)

Legal department

To provide Fannie Mae written notification of a decision to transfer Legacy Matters to law firms selected and retained; report escalated matters to Fannie Mae; provide written notice of the transfer of files from one law firm to another; obtain approval to exceptions to Fannie Mae’s policies and requirements related to law firm management and oversight


To inform Fannie Mae’s Legal department that an HOA refuses a release of lien; notify Fannie Mae of non-routine litigation and certain matters requiring escalation; and inform Fannie Mae of receipt of a notification of a failure to comply with Texas Constitution Section 50(a)(6)

Submit Form 20

To obtain specific instructions for reporting cross-border insolvency

Submit Form 20

To notify Fannie Mae when the servicer reasonably believes that a due-on-sale (or due-on-transfer) provision is unenforceable by law or court exempt_transfers@fanniemae.com

Note: The servicer must include "ACTION REQUIRED: TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP REVIEW" in the subject line and include in the body of the email the Fannie Mae loan number, transferee relationship and timing of the transfer.

Mortgage Servicing Rights Pledges

To provide relevant documentation related to the pledge of servicing rights and transfer of interest in servicing income.


Project Standards Team

To notify Fannie Mae’s Project Standards Team if the servicer is advised for an HOA of a condo or PUD project of any proposed action that requires the consent of a specified percentage of the mortgage loan holders in the project.


Voluntary Repurchases and Self-Reporting To submit a self-report or a voluntary repurchase request Loan Quality Connect website


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