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Published September 9, 2020

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What information must be provided to the transferee servicer during the transfer of individual loan files and portfolio information for a post-delivery servicing transfer?

As described in Transfer of Individual Mortgage Loan Files and Portfolio Information in A2-7-03, Post-Delivery Servicing Transfers, the transferor servicer must deliver specific information to the transferee servicer.    

The following table describes the information that must be delivered to the transferee servicer. 

The transferor servicer must deliver to the transferee servicer...

Documentation evidencing each mortgage insurer’s approval of the servicing transfer or its commitment to insure the transferred mortgage loans, or a copy of the mortgage insurer’s master policy evidencing that it is permissible to transfer servicing of insured mortgage loans without the mortgage insurer’s prior approval.


A list of any conventional mortgage loans that have borrower-paid or lender-purchased MI (identifying the applicable premium rates and the due date of the next premium payment) and an explanation of the premium payment obligations and claim payment procedures that apply to them.


A list of any eMortgages that are part of the portfolio being transferred.


Copies of any tax or flood service contracts that will remain in effect, or notification that the contracts will be transferred to the transferee servicer by a tape process.


A list of tax bills, assessments, property insurance premiums, MIPs, etc. that are due to be paid by the servicer, but that are still unpaid as of the transfer date.


A list of the expiration dates and premium payment frequencies for property insurance, and MI policies, as applicable, related to each mortgage loan being transferred, whether or not premiums for these policies are escrowed.


A list of mortgage loans that have optional insurance and other insurance products that will remain in effect.


A list of mortgage loans that are subject to automatic drafting of the monthly payments.


A list of ARM loans, showing the plan identification and parameters, the index used, the next interest rate change date, the next payment change date, the dates on which any fixed rate conversion option may be exercised, and the current status of any changes in process.


Transaction and payment histories for the life of the mortgage loans.


Trial balances, as of the close of business on the day immediately preceding the transfer date, showing

  • the remittance type for each mortgage loan (actual/actual, scheduled/actual, or scheduled/scheduled);

  • the remittance cycle for each MBS mortgage loan (standard, RPM, or MBS Express);

  • Fannie Mae’s applicable ownership interest if it holds only a participation percentage in the mortgage loan;

  • the applicable pool number for MBS mortgage loans;

  • delinquencies, foreclosure, bankruptcies, and acquired properties;

  • transfers of ownership, payoffs, and other exception transactions that are in process, including mortgage loan modification-related transactions;

  • escrow balances, escrow advances, curtailments, unapplied funds, and loss drafts; and

  • buydown account balances for mortgage loans subject to temporary interest rate buydown plans.


A copy of the custodial bank reconciliation for each custodial bank account maintained as of the cutoff date (if the transferor servicer is unable to complete this reconciliation by the transfer date, it should complete the reconciliation as promptly as possible and send it to the transferee servicer within five business days after the transfer date).


Copies of all investor accounting reports that were filed with Fannie Mae for the three months that immediately precede the cutoff date.


A reconciliation of any outstanding shortage/surplus balance, if applicable, related to the mortgage loans being transferred as of the last reporting period of Fannie Mae’s investor reporting system.


Definitions of codes used in ledger records, trial balances, or any other documents that are being forwarded to the transferee servicer.


Escrow analyses.


All information relating to delinquency management and default prevention.


Copies of all documents including items held by a document custodian, and all other documents pertinent to servicing the mortgage loans including mortgage loan modification agreements.


All customer correspondence and responses, including borrower complaints and escalated cases.


The title policies or alternative title products.


A list of each mortgage loan that is in the process of foreclosure or for which the borrower has filed bankruptcy, including the Fannie Mae loan number and the name and address of the law firm handling the foreclosure or bankruptcy.


Information and records for any mortgage loans that are in foreclosure, bankruptcy, or a workout status and for any properties that Fannie Mae acquired by foreclosure or acceptance of a Mortgage Release [(deed-in-lieu of foreclosure) (if Fannie Mae has not sold them by the transfer date)].


Note: If the original mortgage loan custodial documents are not part of the individual mortgage loan file that is being transferred, the transferor servicer must provide a list showing the name of the party that is in possession of the original mortgage loan note.



All pertinent information related to the status of any mortgage loan for which a workout option is being pursued.


A list of any acquired properties for which it is performing administrative functions, such as paying taxes or performing property maintenance if the responsibilities for these functions will be transferred to the transferee servicer. The list must identify each property by the Fannie Mae loan number and include a history of the transferor servicer’s actions from the date the property was acquired (including information about expenditures, receipts, and management and marketing activities) and provide the appropriate documentation.


Information on any mortgage loan or acquired property being transferred that is the subject of litigation at the time of the transfer, including all records pertaining to such litigation (including court filings, disclosure requests and responses, and preliminary rulings).

For more information please see Servicing Guide F-1-11, Post-Delivery Servicing Transfers.

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If you have additional questions, Fannie Mae customers can visit Ask Poli to get information from other Fannie Mae published sources.

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